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The headphones are perhaps one of the most important inventions in music industry. It is a blessing for the people who would like to enjoy the best music without disturbing others. However, in order to enjoy the maximum benefits of your headphones, you need to educate yourself a bit before you finally go to the market. Here are 4 mistakes that you should avoid when you buy headphones:

Mistake#1: Buying headphones with wires that can restrict movements
If you are buying the headphones to be used during workouts, cycling or riding a car then don’t buy headphones with dangling wires. You should go for wireless headphones as you wouldn’t like your movements to be controlled by the length or position of wires. Driving and exercising makes it crucial to exercise your movements freely without any restrictions. Here wireless headphones are best fit for you.
Mistake#2: Buying from cheap shops at cheap price
Many people would like to exercise their bargaining skills by opting to buy headphones from the labyrinths of commercial markets to get the best headphones at cheapest prices. But then not everyone is gifted with bargaining skills. If you are not gifted with bargaining talent then there is every possibility that you would be conned by clever sellers. The headphone that you have purchased for a steal price can infuriate you if its wire would part as when you try to take it out of your ears. Such headphones may even make you suffer if you purchase a active noise cancelling model for in-flight experience only to find it that its “activeness” diminishes with the attack of engine’s noise.
Mistake#4: Getting lured by the marketing gimmicks
One of the oft-repeated mistakes made by most of the consumers is to become a prey to the marketing gimmicks. Though don’t particularly hate high-end brands, it is very important to ensure if you would really be able to appreciate the features come with the brand name. For example it doesn’t make sense to go for a Bose, if you cannot differentiate the Jazz from Bass. So, don’t just buy a headphone because of the brand tag. High brand headphones are an ideal fit for passionate music lovers who love refined music and possess keen knowledge of music. If you don’t belong to that category, then why not enjoy some saving by buying the ordinary headphones available at fraction of the prices.
Mistake#5: Buying Headphones for their looks

Another mistake that many people make is to buy the headphones because of their looks. While design and colors do matter, you don’t need to be overtly particular about the same. If you are a girl go for pink. For boys sturdy black or blue headphones would look best. But it all ends there. For more refined design preferences you would need to shell out more bucks and believe us, no one is going to peep into your ears to appreciate the curves or sharp edges of your headphone.
2/22/2017 12:56 PM By bhawani bhati Blog,

Whether you want to appreciate the most delicate notes of your favorite music or want to cancel the deafening noise of engine while flying in a jet plane, headphones play a very important role in your daily life. There are people who would not like to start their exercise regime without putting headphones into their ears. However, irrespective of your objective, there are a few things to remember before you decide to buy a headphone:
Why do you want to buy it?
The first and foremost thing to think about is the objective of buying a headset. Would you like to use them during your workout at a gym or would you like to use it while enjoying picnic in natural surroundings away from din and clamor of city? You may want to use them during your power-packed youth parties when you don’t want to the noise to penetrate into your neighbors’ ears? Deciding the main objective of buying a headphone will allow you to exercise your choice over a wide variety of specific headphone models that suits your needs!
How to save your money?
Let us confess one thing, we all like to save some precious bucks each time we make a purchase, isn’t it? However, we often end up paying a fortune for branded, high-end headphones. Why so? Not, because of their performance or technical value but just because of the brand names and designs. However with a bit of wisdom you can save loads on the headphones. Generally buying from high-end shop will make you pay through your nose. SO, it is always better to buy from a general market where you will get high quality stuff at very affordable prices. 
How would you like to use them?
Another thing to keep in mind while buying earphones is to decide whether you would like to plug them into your ears or would like over-ear cans. Passionate music lovers wouldn’t satisfy at anything less than in-ear headphones while the hygiene freaks would be happy with over-ear headphones. It is a matter of choice and there is no way we can say that one model is better than the other. However, you need to ensure that the same should perfectly fit inside or over your ears. The last thing you would like is the ill fitted earphone that would make you keep on adjusting it instead of enjoying the music.
Is it budget or quality that you need?
If you like to buy headphones to be worn during your flight journey through long routes or subways, then ensure that it must have an excellent provision to cancel the noise. You may want to prevent the annoying outside noises from bleeding into your ears or would just want to save your ears from pain during long flights when the whizzing air forces itself into your ears. If budget is on your mind then you can go for passive noise cancelling headphones that would prevent noises to a certain level. However, if you have got sensitive ears or suffer from specific disease then go for active noise cancelling headphones that would cancel even the heavy noises like that of engine or storm.

2/22/2017 12:54 PM By bhawani bhati Blog,

Girls are completely in love with fragrances. Right from the intense and naughty fragrances till the perfumes with soothing scents, the girls would not attend any occasion without wearing the best perfumes to suit their mood and personality. However, they would need to ensure that the perfume should not only suit their personality but should also align with the occasion that they want to attend. Apart from that there are a variety of other factors that they need to keep in mind while buying a perfect perfume for them. Here are a few things to remember:
Don’t buy just because it Sounds nice
If you ever read the description of a perfume over its box or in the advertisement, you would literally be transported to the fairyland, to say the least. The names of exquisite fragrances, pristine experiences they offer and intense romance they are able to ignite, would leave you mesmerized and before you know you would already have purchased the perfume without even blinking your eyes! It is only late on that you come to know the perfume didn’t deserve the price you paid for it. Hence, only 1 thing you need to remember when buying a perfume is to exercise your olfactory powers and base your purchase accordingly. Don’t let the exquisite content spell a fog over your decision powers. 
Don’t apply any other fragrance before trying a perfume
When you are going to buy a perfume, ensure that you shouldn’t have applied any fragrant product over your skin. It is especially true when you are buying a perfume with a subtle scent. It is even better to take a plain shower without using any soap so that you should have a better knowledge of the fragrance of the perfume.
Wrists are not the only parts where you should wear perfume
Many girls have a notion that applying a bit of perfume on the wrists is perfectly fine. However, that is not always the case. You can also use it on other parts of the body like over the apparels, on your arms, on the palms that can easily sweat etc.
Ensure that the perfume suits your personality
Another thing to keep in mind while you buy perfumes is to buy the fragrance that doesn’t suit your personality. In fact every girl has a different personality. Some are petty and delicate while others are tall and energetic. Hence, you should go for the fragrances that should perfectly match with your personality. The energetic girls would look great with the intense, naughty concoction of fragrances while the petite and shy girls can do wonders by wearing perfumes with subtle, soothing fragrances.

2/22/2017 12:51 PM By bhawani bhati Blog,

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