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Ivooi About Us portal is run under USB ENET PRIVATE LIMTIED. USB ENET Private limited company registration is governed by the Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014.

Ivooi is your one-stop online shop for buying the most elite lifestyle and mobile accessories. We offer a comprehensive range of a number of products that have been handpicked by our buying department after a careful selection. All our products meet the highest standards of quality and offer 100% satisfaction. By employing the most sophisticated methodology for sourcing, quality testing and usability features of each single product that allows us to offer you the 100% satisfaction guarantee. We strongly adhere to the highest standards of ethics and principles that have enabled us to enjoy an enviable position in the online marketing within a short span of time. In fact, we would also like to express our gratitude to our valued customers who have been with us since the beginning and it is the trust of our regular clientele that encourages and inspires us to keep on enhancing our quality and strengthen our presence in the market. For us, YOU, the customer is the king and we go beyond our limits to serve you in the bets possible way!
Our huge inventory of lifestyle products include:
Watches: Watches not only tell the time but also reflect the character of the wearer. So, we employ the most refined policy of sourcing from the leading names of the industry so that you should enjoy a distinct debonair look!
Mobiles: We stock a large collection of most sophisticated Mobiles that are trending in the market. Using the most professional and distinct approach we assure you the cream layer of the market so that you can enjoy unmatched functionality and the brand legacy of most prominent names in the market.
Mobile Accessories: WE also stock a large inventory of mobile accessories that not only allows you to take the usability to the next level but also offers an aesthetic looks to your handset.
Audio and Video: We offer you a variety of Audio and video accessories to further personalize your music and video experience. Right from headsets to Bluetooth, our inventory includes some of the most chic and techno products to offer you the heights of refined entertainment.
Eau De Parfum: We offer you a huge collection of perfumes that have been sourced on the basis of character of the scent. Each single fragrance is delicately selected to offer you the most enriched fragrance for that special impact.
Men's Accessories: The accessories play a great role in defining your overall character. Especially accessories are the best assets of a gentleman to sport the urbane and suave look. We offer some of the trendiest yet sophisticated accessories to offer you a distinct look. Right from colors to shape and size, every minute aspect goes through a close scrutiny to ensure that you should get nothing less than the perfect.